Author: Audrey Fraizer

Research Spotlight: Rich Lindfors

Download PDF Q and A with Author Rich Lindfors Q1. When did you begin researching issues related to the profession? Unofficially, I began many years before becoming official. Officially speaking, I have been a researcher since 2017. In my role, research enabled me to revamp, customize, launch, and optimize process improvement initiatives and programs to maximize operational performance and enhance customer service. Q2. What started you along the research and process improvement path? I took a new role within my organization in 2017, which requires me to research many aspects of not...

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Research Spotlight: Jenna Streeter

Download PDF Q and A with Author Jenna Streeter Q1. Where do you work? Madison County Fire Department Communications, Huntsville, AL, USA. As manager, I oversee operations for 14 full-time employees; handle all policy development, training program development, and quality assurance/quality improvement program oversight; and am a liaison with 16 volunteer fire chiefs and other public safety officials. Q2. What are the parts of your job that connect with research? I regularly analyze data in decision-making in all fields identified above. My recent research project published in AEDR...

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Litigation and Adverse Incidents in Emergency Dispatching

Download Original Paper Risk management is an area of critical importance for emergency services and public safety agencies, including emergency communication centers. However, almost no information currently exists regarding litigation against, or involving, emergency dispatch. s: The primary objective in this study was to characterize the most common types of adverse events, actions, and omissions of action that lead to lawsuits against emergency dispatchers and their agencies. Methods: The study was a systematic literature review. Research and...

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