Author: Audrey Fraizer

“For Us, It’s the Only Way:” Characteristics of ACE Achievement and Barriers to Success

Relatively few dispatch agencies using the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch protocol systems have achieved Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) status. Despite ACE being the gold standard for implementation of these systems, no research exists about either barrier to ACE achievement or drivers of ACE success. s: The objectives of this study were to describe the barriers to achieving ACE and to identify characteristics that indicate success with respect to achieving and maintaining ACE status. Methods: In-depth, semi-structured interviews were...

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Research Spotlight: Andrea Furgani

Q and A with Author Andrea Furgani Q1. What drew you into research involving stress? The inspiration for this research stemmed from a question that an EMD, one of the authors of the study, asked me. As she finished her shift, she asked, “Have you ever wonder if we make more mistakes in evaluating emergency calls when we work for longer hours? Because in my opinion…” Starting with that question, we planned and developed the study, involving all the Telecommunication Centers in our region [Liguria]. Q2. Your recommendations for decreasing stress as related to work hours. In other words,...

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Factors Contributing to Stress Levels of Emergency Dispatchers

There is now substantial research literature on the occupational stress among emergency dispatchers from multiple studies that have cited dispatcher claims of significant emotional, mental, and physical stress as a result of their work. However, there is very little literature that ranks in order of prevalence or severity the factors contributing to overall stress specific to emergency dispatchers. The aim of this study is to collect data that will complement other research findings in this field to inform the development of new programs designed to address specific...

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Research Spotlight: Gigi Marshall

Download PDF Q and A with Author Gigi Marshall Q1. What is your advice for selecting the correct Emergency Communication Nurse System™ (ECNS™) symptom and injury-based protocol when the patient complains of several symptoms and/or injuries? Choosing the most concerning symptom that the patient has is achieved by keeping the ABCD concepts in mind (A= Airway, B= Breathing, C= Circulation, and D = Deficit in level of consciousness). If a symptom could cause a problem in any of the ABCD areas, the nurse should pick that symptom most likely to result in the compromise. Q2. Your research...

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Research Spotlight: Rich Lindfors

Download PDF Q and A with Author Rich Lindfors Q1. When did you begin researching issues related to the profession? Unofficially, I began many years before becoming official. Officially speaking, I have been a researcher since 2017. In my role, research enabled me to revamp, customize, launch, and optimize process improvement initiatives and programs to maximize operational performance and enhance customer service. Q2. What started you along the research and process improvement path? I took a new role within my organization in 2017, which requires me to research many aspects of not...

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