Author: Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI

Welcome Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Download PDF MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF So far, it’s been a year like no other—and that has been especially true for emergency dispatch agencies and the responders for which they dispatch. While the COVID-19 outbreak is far from over, it appears that emergency services and public safety agencies have adjusted to our new normal quite effectively—albeit still with much uncertainty about the future. In coming issues, we expect to publish more on the pandemic as new research is completed and more cases of interest become available. However, for now, we are temporarily setting...

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Emergency Communication Nurses’ Ability to Correctly Select Abdominal Pain as the Appropriate Protocol in Telephonic Nurse Triage System

Download Original Paper Abdominal pain is the most common symptom with which patients present to the emergency department (ED), and overall visits to EDs in the U.S. are growing twice as fast as the overall population. Interventions that can safely mitigate such a high usage of ED resources would be a great asset in the delivery of effective and efficient ED care. One such intervention is a secondary triage of patients calling 911 for an ambulance who were subsequently triaged as a non-urgent low-acuity caller. Emergency medical services (EMS) using secondary...

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Identifying Working Structure Fires Using a Standardized Fire Dispatch Protocol System

Structure fires, although infrequent, require significant resources and personnel to effectively complete critical tasks in a short time frame to achieve positive outcomes. While it is important to dispatch the appropriate number of resources rapidly, there is a risk to over-allocate responding resources both to the public and to the responders by responding with lights and siren. A standardized emergency fire dispatch (EFD) protocol-based system is important to quickly identify working structures fires so appropriate resources are allocated in an effective manner—and...

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Welcome Message from the Editor-In-Chief

Download PDF Message from the Editor-In-Chief As I write this from my workplace office—realizing I’m one of only a few people in our organization who’s not working from home this week—I feel it’s important to recognize that most emergency dispatchers don’t get to choose the work-from-home option. If that’s you, then you know the drill; you must brave going out of the house, working side-by-side with your co-workers, practicing social distancing the best you can, wearing your mask whenever possible, disinfecting your workspace frequently, and enduring all the other risks and...

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